Saturday, September 17, 2011

Come visit!

We have been in the hosue for nearly 9 months now-and are loving it!

I've started a new blog about our garden and aim to provide as much of our food as is feasible, please drop in!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ever onwards......

I've spent a busy morning arranging carpet and window cleaners for the rental we will be moving out of-because of the time of year they are flat out and with the public holidays for Christmas & Boxing Day being the Monday & Tuesday after Christmas, we have had to book them both for Wednesday December 29th-the same day that we have to hand back the keys! Here's hoping that nothing goes wrong! ;-)

We have also contacted the phone company for the landline-because they need this much time to get connection sorted.....

Our water tanks have had the opportunity to be collecting rain- I think that I may possibly be one of the few people in the area who is happy about the weather-as long as our septic isn't held up!

Tiling has been grouted, towel rails & toilet holders installed and painter should be starting this week. All in all there isn't actually that much to be done- so fingers crossed that all goes to plan!

Garden is burgeoning-and the corellas have discovered the corn-which has now been decimated! Grrrrr...

We are both now back at work-much to our mutual disgust!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home stretch....

Yesterday His Lordship and I spent the day up around the Hamilton area, visiting waterfalls, lunching and then visiting a friend. This was a rare day for us, because it's been 20 years since we have had time just to ourselves! With the Princess on exchange in the UK for 2 months it's just the two of us-and even more rarely, we both have annual leave at the same time! :-)

I normally don't take time off during a term, but his leave has to be set months in advance and this was an opportunity to do some things together!

After a really relaxing day we came home via the house and were excited to find 4 watertanks-delivered a day ahead of schedule! Also, the tilers had commenced-yay!

Below:Photo of tanks (very,very white-my choice that I have to live with!)

Today we went out to mow and spray in the orchard and whilst there the tilers asked me to come in to confirm about the feature tile in the bathroom- so of course I took the opportunity for some photos!

Below:Kitchen floor tiles-the same tiles are used everywhere except the ensuite and the laundry wall

Sunday, November 14, 2010

In hindsight...

It has been pointed out that perhaps some of my posts do not reflect enough of the positives of our build......I had always planned that the final post on this blog would contain what we are really pleased about with this house; but to be fair, maybe it's time that I did list a few! :-)

Those of you who have followed right from the beginning will remember that one of the reasons we decided to go with NBG was because of the reputation of the local builder in this area. His Lordship has been in Home Loan Lending for more than 10 years in this district and I deal with over 500 families every week at work- so between us we have heard a LOT of stories about various companies!

Every person we have ever spoken to about our builder has always said the same thing- he builds a good house! Now it is our turn to say the same!

We have had inclusions with our home that are extra costs in most others-eg: laminate backing on the kitchen benches & a TV antenna to name a couple-these are in addition to the package you get with NBG.

He has had to wear costs of items that are not his fault-eg: the linen cupboards were drawn incorrectly on the plan by the draughtsman, which has resulted in custom built cabinetry being provided- a win for us!

As I said in the last post, it is not mistakes and errors that stay with you- it is how they are dealt with and in our case the builder has ALWAYS ensured that our queries are dealt with satisfactorily.

As has been pointed out, blogging is a powerful tool these days ( and you need to be careful with your posts- I had listed the brick overhang with too many zeros....aaargh! Fixed to read 60mm instead of 600mm now!)-and I do wish this one to reflect that we are excited to be moving into the home being built for us!

Friday, November 12, 2010


After a conversation tonight, I thought that it was worthwhile posting why we started this blog. With family and friends spread across not only Australia, but the world, in this day and age blogging is the easiest means of contact and is as common as writing letters used to be in days of old....we live in an age of technology and it's advances are rapid. Blogs about building are commonplace.

This is the 4th time we have built a house-and this is to be our forever home. We chose the company because of the reputation of the local builder and the value they provide compared to others. In fact, we have recommended the company to a number of other people.

Each time there have been various frustrations and moments of excitement. Each house has been delivered by the contracted date and mainly of a good standard. Items that needed addressing have been in a timely manner.

As someone who has worked in administration for many years, the thing I find hardest to bear is when we are told that things are to be done-but then are not! For whatever reason, when things are not happening as discussed then communication is vital! With so many of our friends building-this seems to be a common thread of conversation.......whether it is the initial salesperson, the Site Supervisor (with bigger companies) or any other designated contact person-if they maintain communication then fewer frustrations are felt.

Building a home is a huge financial commitment- and the pressure of delays at times can cause immense stress. In our case, we are paying nearly $400/week rent for a house which is far too small for our needs-plus having to meet interest payments on a mortgage (which grow with every progress payment). With one partner working 10 to 12 hour days to meet this payments family life is impacted on.

I am aware that some people in the building industry involved with our house have read this blog. I knew that this may be the case when it was commenced. I have ensured that the posts are factual and reflect our experience- those about to commence the building journey need to be aware that the reality of the industry is that there is a lot of work for a limited number of tradies. Delays will be part and parcel of the whole progress-the end result is what will matter.

If that makes others uncomfortable, then so be it. Word of mouth is the biggest promotion any company can have-and therefore anyone dealing with clients (as I know in my own work) needs to work hard at keeping any reasonable client happy.

As I have constantly stated, each aspect completed has been of a high standard. There are some issues that will be addressed and/or rectified before we move in-again, that is part of the normal process.

I have been asked would we go back and start again if we were back in August 2009- the answer would be a resounding yes!

Monday, November 8, 2010

What you gain on the swing...

Today has been one of those days where it feels like whatever you gain on the swing you lose on the roundabout...

The kitchen is nearly completed, but due to an inability to gain promised access to the house, the curtain measureup has had to be rescheduled AGAIN! Next time, I will go out there an hour prior so that if the promised workers are not at the house I can go into town and collect a key...this further delay means that our roman blinds and drapes for the kitchen & meals will not be ready by Christmas...
The septic is yet to be installed-it was supposed to have been done last week but they have hit a boulder! It was supposed to have been smashed today, but you guessed it-nothing done! Until the septic & stormwater is done, the termite retic can't be installed. Until the termite system is installed the slabs for the pergolas can't be done...etc, etc....

Anyway, some photos: Below: Nearly completed kitchen cabinetry

Below: The ensuite floating vanity (River Cherry horizontal grain)

Below: The kitchen bench back

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Closing in on the kitchen!

It's been a mixed week...the plasterers & brickie finished on Tuesday.......and then things came to a screaming halt! Apparently there has been a "minor" issue with the kitchen-our kitchen was placed on lower priority some weeks back (according to the kitchen company) and nobody told them that it needed to be installed this week (imagine my rolling eyes here...). Ergo, we received a call from them Friday morning-which resulted in me going in there and confirming a couple of things whilst they began manufacturing it (this company is fantastic and impressed me no end with their professionalism and communication). It is now scheduled to be installed on Thursday 4/11.......
Above: Computer image of our kitchen specs.

We have had our measure up done for the front security door and also the pergolas for the alfresco and dogs bedroom!

As well as kitchen going in, this week SHOULD see the architraves etc done, whilst the plumber is supposed to have trenches done for the septic and storm water by the end of the week.......